With Facebook’s IPO today, let’s look at 5 Successful Campaigns

With Facebook’s IPO today, let’s look at 5 Successful Campaigns


Facebook‘s IPO is today and the topic of advertising revenue is at the heart of the value proposition. With an opening price of $38.00, will it go up or down?

Take a look at the article from Co.Create on The 5 All-Time Best Facebook Campaigns. What can you learn from these campaigns that will help your organization?

 Dallas social media speaker J.R. Atkins recommends Facebook Marketing: Small & Medium BusinessesSuccess Stories

“In a dramatic bit of timing, GM announced it was pulling its $10 million in Facebook advertising mere days before the latter company’s IPO.

The high-profile move drew a line under the already pronounced question mark around Facebook’s real value as a paid advertising platform. While some, including Ford, rushed to make the point that proclaiming Facebook ineffective is simply admitting that you’re doing it wrong, the fact is that there has been little to support the notion that there’s a link between paid advertising on Facebook and real, bottom-line results…”

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