What is Twitter like?

What is Twitter like?

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I received this in an email from my buddy Thad Guidry. It’s a good way to help someone undersatnd the usefullness of Twitter.

Twitter VS Instant Messaging Chat – How do you explain to new Twitter users how it is different from IM?

Its like a conference call using IM.
Twitter is IM out in the open.
Twitter is shouting into a room full of people. IM is a conversation in the hallway.
IM is lunch with a friend.Twitter is like a dinner party … just bigger and with no dishes to wash.
IM is 1 to 1, Twitter is 1 to many.
IM is two way - Twitter is a one way publishing medium with a dealers option on two way conversations.

Twitter VS Email

Twitter is very-short-email out in the open.
Email is like reading a magazine story, longer more detail. Twitter is a wire service, short digestible bits.
Email is a queue – you have to deal with each message 1 way or another. Twitter is a flow, you don’t have to catch up and respond to each one.

Twitter VS Web Forum

Organized by selected people not topic.
Forum is a bulletin board you pass in a lobby. Twitter is endless subway stations covered in post-it notes, where you choose to hop on, read or exit.
Twitter is real-time, while Forums are not.
With a forum you look for a topic. With Twitter the topic finds you.

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