What does the Cheesecake Factory have to do with Healthcare?

What does the Cheesecake Factory have to do with Healthcare?

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Medicine has long resisted the productivity revolutions that transformed other industries. But the new chains aim to change this.

Last month I attended a panel discussion on the future of healthcare. The event was sponsored by the local University of Michigan Alumni group and I was invited as a member of the Dallas Business Club (MBA group).

In addition to the thought provoking presentation and Q&A time, I noted two resources worth reading.

1. An article in The New Yorker, Big Med, How restaurant chains have managed to combine quality control, cost control, and innovation. Can health care? by Atul Gawande

 2. A Book: The Innovator’s Prescription: A Disruptive Solution for Health Care by Clayton Christensen, Jerome Grossman MD and Jason Hwang MD.

I look forward to reading your thoughts and comments on these resources and the general topic of the Healthcare system in the US.

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