What are you reading? Me? Fast Company, D CEO and…

What are you reading? Me? Fast Company, D CEO and…

Dallas social media speaker J.R. Atkins is a reader of Fast Company MagazineI just completed reading my first issue of Fast Company Magazine, the June 2011 issue, and I was VERY pleased. So often I just browse a magazine, look at the Ads, pictures, and read a few articles that catch my eye. But not with Fast Company; I consumed it, reading all of the articles and most of the Ads. My favorite content was an article on “The 100 Most Creative People in Business.” I found it informative, inspiring and helpful.

For those of you wondering, I read it from a print copy, not my Samsung Galaxy Tablet. I do have reading material on my tablet but I chose the old fashion print version on purpose so I can disengage from a device for some of my informative reading.

Dallas social media speaker J.R. Atkins is an avid reader of D CEO by D Magazine

The other magazine I have recently discovered is D CEO. I like the local aspects of the content and the short stories on Dallas Companies and their CEO’s. I even see and read about people I know or have heard mentioned in business conversations. D CEO serves as a community building aid for the Dallas business community. Pick one up and see what you think.

What current periodicals do you read to keep up with trends, knowledge, competition, and local business? I’d also like to hear your thoughts on reading in print or on an e-reader.



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