Wanted: Social Media & Web Analytics Package

Wanted: Social Media & Web Analytics Package

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What do you use to track the activity generated by Social Media and Inbound Marketing? Im looking for a web based solution that will help a small business track activity from the following sources in one package:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • YouTube Channel
  • Flickr
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Plaxo
  • Linked Websites
  • PURL Campaign

Google Analytics will do some of this but not all. If I engage an ad agency they will provide analytics for the campaign. Yet, when I finish the work with the agency, my data and tools go away too. What can a business use to track and analyze all web oriented marketing activity?

Some tools I have heard of are:

HubSpot: http://www.hubspot.com/

Woopra: http://www.woopra.com/

MutualMind: http://www.mutualmind.com/

BuddyMedia: http://www.buddymedia.com/

Do you have any experience with these or other tools? I look forward to your comments.

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