“TNT, We Know Drama” & so does Belgium now.

“TNT, We Know Drama” & so does Belgium now.

In an effort to promote its inclusion on Belgian TV, the TNT channel and agency Duval Guillaume pulled out all the stops, creating a huge spectacle for an unsuspecting crowd. First, some Flemish folks stumble upon a red button in the center of their town, with a sign pointing at it that reads, “Push to add drama.” Since TNT styles itself as the network that “knows drama,” one might expect that something dramatic would happen at this point. Instead, everything dramatic happens.

The town square suddenly becomes the nexus of all manner of cascading storylines and supporting players. There are car chases, a girl in lingerie on a motorcycle, football players, and cops and robbers. When the gun smoke clears, a giant banner comes down the side of a building that reads: “Your daily dose of drama. TNT.” And then everybody presumably went home and DVR’d Law & Order.

Original Article: http://www.fastcocreate.com/1680531/tnt-pushes-the-drama-button-on-unsuspecting-belgians

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