The Social Network Movie

The Social Network Movie

The Social Network Guy J.R. Atkins“How will the release of “The Social Network” movie affect the use of Facebook and Social Media in general?” This is the question I asked before the movie was release. Will more people give Facebook another shot? Will the people who have never tried Facebook be more likely to try it once they have seen The Social Network? Guy 1 and girl 2, are you spending more time on Facebook?

I think those of us who advertise on Facebook will see a real spike in impressions and clicks following the release of the social network movie. In fact, as a social network guy, I have been telling my clients to place their Facebook advertisement now to make use of this spike in viewers.

I have no doubt that millions of movie viewers will walk out of the theatre after seeing the social network and start sharing on their smart phone and laptops. Facebook reports that it has over 500 million users today. What will it be after the move? How long before Facebook reaches 900 million users?

Some companies still think of Social Media as a fad and Facebook is only for the consumer market. Just you wait. They are about to wake up to the day where they realize that Facebook is main stream and that social media is a communication tool just like the telephone. I’m sure that 100 years ago, someone “said the telephone is just a fad”, now look at it as a business tool. We cannot live without it! Before long, Social Media and Facebook will be the same; Business tools that you cannot live without.

So join the social network guy, J.R. Atkins, and let him help you use Facebook as an effective communication tool for your business, non-profit or ministry.

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