ReTweet helps you Measure your Twitter Success

ReTweet helps you Measure your Twitter Success

Now that many businesses and brands have their social media platforms established, they are focusing on how to measure results. A new FREE tool called “retweet” allows you to measure your:

  • Retweet stats
  • Top retweets
  • Who you retweet

Dallas social media speaker J.R. Atkins reviews retweet measurement tool

It’s easy to get started, just go to sign in with your Twitter account Id and Password and you will begin seeing your stats. There is also a function called “Share these Stats” that allows you to publish your results to your team.

For retweet to become meaningful to your company or brand you will need to compare the statistics to your goals. Until then, the retweet results are more antidotal. Still, for the prices, retweet is a viable tool to measure your twitter success. Good luck and let me know how retweet works for you.