Social Media and Sales 2.0, a Case Study with NTC Texas

Social Media and Sales 2.0, a Case Study with NTC Texas

As I speak on Sales 2.0 I get all kinds of questions and statements. At a recent talk at the Las Colinas Country Club to a group of business leaders named “Untyed” I was confronted with an individual whose company is walking the talk of sales 2.0 – Linda Borek of NTC Texas.

What’s Sales 2.0?                    

Let’s begin with a definition of Sales 2.0 which means integrating the power of Web 2.0 and on-demand technologies with proven sales techniques to increase sales velocity and volume. In plain English, it means using your website and social media to generate sales leads and to support the
sales process. Most companies are just now implementing social media but NTC Texas is using Social Media, email newsletters and their website to support their sales process. They are a good
example of a company putting the concepts of Sales 2.0 into practice.

Dallas social media speaker J.R. Atkins writes about Sales 2.0 and NTC Texas


About a week after the Untyed presentation, I met with Linda Borek and Britney Chan of NTC Texas, a provider of credit card processing and other merchant services. They explained how they started with Social media and built their platforms for delivering results.  As CEO, Linda began
learning about social media as an early adopter of LinkedIn. She saw how connecting on line could build relationships and provide communication.  She started attending workshops and event where people were teaching and talking about social media. Then she found HubSpot an on-line marketing and SEO company that provides great learning resources. In time Linda hired HubSpot to help NTC Texas with their social media, metrics, and lead generation strategy.

Staff Support

Linda was smart enough to realize that she needed help and contacted her staffing company, Randstad, to provide a marketing coordinator to help with social media and marketing in
general.  She also started educating the entire staff on how social media marketing was the wave of the future. Now she has 3 members of her staff that are Hub Spot Certified as In-bound Marketing Specialists and one of them is Britney Chan, who fills the role of Social Media/SEO
Marketing Director.

Creative Brief

One of Britney’s first tasks was to prepare a creative brief for NTC Texas’s “Social Media Platform and Art Direction” project. This 3 page document contained the recommended direction for the company on Social Media. The next planning document was the “Social Media Strategy & Pilot Launch” which spelled out in detail the strategy, directive on how to get started and integrate the social media platforms, key messages and consumer points and measurements to know when and if they were successful. The 5 platforms Britney recommended and implemented for NTC Texas are:

  1. Facebook Fan Page
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. YouTube
  5. Website

Data Driven Company

As a data driven company it is important for Linda to have metrics to see the results of their social media efforts. With HubSpot as the backbone of NTC’s website SEO and marketing she has a host of reports available for metrics. Here is a just a few of the key indicators tracked by NTC Texas:

  • Website traffic ranking compared to competitors
  • Website Indexed Pages
  • Keyword ranking
  • Inbound links
  • Organic searches
  • Visit to lead conversion rate
  • Twitter Grade
  • Monthly lead reach

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CRM + Social Media =Sales 2.0

The leading edge of sales force automation and the Sales 2.0 movement is the combination of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management too) and Social Media. In a perfect world, a sales person would receive a notification in the CRM system that a prospect is ready to be approached. The sales person would then click on the notification and see how the prospect has engaged with the on-line content from the company. They might see that the prospect has attended webinars, viewed video content, read the company blog, connected with staff on LinkedIn, “liked” the companies Facebook Fan Page and is a follower on Twitter. All this information would likely
mean that the prospect would welcome a call or email from the sales person.

This is the future of marketing and sales working together and this is exactly where NTC Texas is headed with the integration of Oracle CRM and HubSpot. “By tying our social media, website and email marketing into the CRM we can see who is looking for information on our products and services,” says Linda Borek. “When we provided valuable content our community responds.”

NTC Texas has come a long way since Linda first started seeking to understand how social media and digital marketing could lead to growth for the company. As the staff has learned and grown, so have the company results.” Now we are on the verge of measuring everything from engagement to customer purchase.” (Linda Borek)

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