Upping Your Instagram Game with Hootsuite

Upping Your Instagram Game with Hootsuite

Use Hootsuite to Schedule and Manage Your Social Media Including Instagram

J.R. Atkins uses Hootsuite

Hootsuite has expanded its dashboard to make it easier for you to schedule and monitor your social media efforts on Instagram. Previously, Hootsuite provided you the ability to tend to your Facebook and Twitter platforms with ease, now you can do the same with Instagram. With an ever-increasing number of businesses and professionals taking to Instagram, this is a welcome addition from Hootsuite. 

There are a number of tactics you will want to consider utilizing to make the most of your Instagram account. Thanks to Hootsuite now being a resource for you, you can utilize this tactics and strategies with greater ease.

Don’t Post All Photos Immediately

 Many, if not most, Instagram users are in the habit of posting photos directly after taking them. This can result in images being uploaded to Instagram at points in time at which you will not garner the optimal impact for them. If you are using Instagram for business, you necessarily want to put up your photos at times in which they will have the biggest impact. 

Thanks to Hootsuite, you can take a photo and schedule it to go up on Instagram at a future point in time. You can accomplish this at one time and directly after taking the image. You do not need to carve out time, later on, to go back and post your image.

J.R> Atkins and Hootsuite

Take Advantage of Iconosquare

 In addition to using Hootsuite to up your Instagram game, take advantage of Iconosquare as well. These two apps, when used together, can go far in assisting you to make the most out of your Instagram account.

 Iconosquare is designed to analyze your Instagram engagement over time. With this data, you can ascertain what points in time during the course of any given day you can anticipate the highest level of engagement. Armed with this information, you can schedule your Instagram posts using Hootsuite at those optimal junctures in time.

 Use the Front Facing Camera for Selfies

 Like many people, including business owner and professionals, selfies tend to make up a considerable percentage of imaged uploaded to Instagram. More often than not, these images are taken using the rear-facing camera on a smartphone.

 The reality is that the rear-facing camera, the one on the back of your phone, has a notable higher resolution. You should start using that camera to take your Instagram selfies. Yes, you will need to practice to master using this camera. In the end, you will find that your Instagram selfies will be of a significantly higher quality.

 Use the Over App

 Another app you can use in conjunction with Hootsuite when it comes to your Instagram images is Over. With Over, you can easily add text to your images. The combination of photos and text oftentimes makes Instagram images more appealing, more compelling to your followers. As with other apps, you can take an image, add text, and conveniently schedule its uploading to Instagram for a future time. 

Lighting Problems? Convert to Black and White

 If you’re struggling to balance out the lighting on an image intended for Instagram, and are beginning to think your efforts are proving futile, convert the photo to black and white. This simple tactic eliminates issues you may be having in regard to a full-color derivation of an image. In addition, black and white photos can prove to be stunning on Instagram. 

By incorporating Hootsuite together with these tips and tactics, you will put yourself in the position to get the most out of your Instagram account. In addition to getting more out of your Instagram account, you will optimize its usefulness and effectiveness in an efficient and time conserving way thanks to Hootsuite. 

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How do I keep up with Social Media content?

Dallas Social Media speaker J.R. Atkins address How do I keep up with Social Media content?While speaking to a group in Southlake Texas yesterday, I was asked about how to keep up with social media “traffic”. Shelley Ruddick, VP at Bank of the West, is a one woman social media department. She is charged with leading the organization on social media as well as keeping in compliance with banking regulations. How can Shelly and others keep up with social media?

Let’s take a look at how Gatorade is addressing this challenge. The PepsiCo-owned sports drink maker is putting social media quite literally at the center of the way Gatorade approaches marketing.

Dallas Social Media Speaker J.R. Atkins is a fan of GatoradeThe company created the “Gatorade Mission Control Center” inside of their Chicago headquarters. This room sits in the middle of the marketing department and could be described as a war room for monitoring the brand in real-time across social media. The room features six big monitors with five seats for Gatorade’s marketing team to track a number of data sources and custom built dashboards. *

What could you do with a dedicated work place with one computer and two monitors? Just getting organized and having the right tools can decrease anxiety and increase effectiveness. As your social media presence and traffic improves, you may need to hire someone to do this full time. Here are a few tools that will help:

The Unilyzer – This is an inexpensive Dash Board that will help you monitor your Social Media The Unilyzer is used by Dallas Social Media speaker J.R. Atkinsactivity such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more.

HootSuite or TweetDeck – Either one of these free tools will allow you send and receive content from one place. You can combine your social media content into one place then divide it by topic so you can monitor and make sense of what is being said about your brand. You can also post or publish from one place to multiple sources, thus simplifying your job.

I hope this example and these resources will help you and your organization improve the value of your brand in the social media space.

• Source: “Inside Gatorade’s Social Media Command Center,” Mashable.com, June 15, 2010