Pros & Cons of Google+, By Denise Houseberg & J.R. Atkins

Pros & Cons of Google+, By Denise Houseberg & J.R. Atkins

Dallas Social Media speaker J.R. Atkins likes Google+, and offers training on Google+What are the Top 10 Pros & Cons for Google+?  Denise & J.R. came up with the following list. Can you think of anymore?


  1. It’s clean, it’s easy and it’s uncluttered.
  2. The sleek and simple user interface makes it easy to customize
  3. Circles are cool and allows easy drag and drop users into groups
  4. Huddle lets you group text with an entire Circle or just a few
  5. Hangouts let’s you create a 10-person video chat
  6. Auto uploads of photos and videos captured from your mobile app
  7. Quick share box lets you share info or a link with your chosen Circles
  8. No more stinking Farmville requests!
  9. Integrates well with Google phone
  10. It’s not Facebook  … it’s from Google



  1. No big value over Facebook
  2. The benefit of Circles is not enough to use it in addition or away from Facebook etc.
  3. I don’t use Gmail or Google docs enough to make it worth using Google +
  4. What? This is Google but there’s no search?
  5. Google is everywhere.  Jeesh! Do I want to use Google for my social media too?
  6. Does not integrate with Google Apps
  7. Too much noise; all new posts are pushed to the top publishing all feeds all the time
  8. I’m anti Android and Google
  9. I don’t like to change
  10. I’m use to what I already have


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