Your Online Data Never Sleeps

Your Online Data Never Sleeps

It’s two sides to the same coin-“Your Online Data Never Sleeps.” On one side of the coin, your online data is working for you while you are asleep. And on the other side of the coin, your data is available for others to hack, copy and add negative comments while you are asleep. The following info-graphic offers a pictorial view from Domo of where your data may live online.

J.R. Atkins says your online data never sleeps
Your Online Data Never Sleeps

Big Hair, Big Air & Big Data

I’ve heard of “Big Hair”, as in the ‘70’s,J.R. Atkins references Dolly Parton with Big Hair and I’ve heard of “Big Air”, as in snowboarding and other aerial stunts, but what the heck is “Big Data?” Does it J.R. Atkins comments on snowboard big airhave to do with the font size or what?

If you too would like some insight into how data mining and large data sets are affecting you, even if you don’t know it, then check out these two resources:

As I travel to SXSWi this weekend, Big Data trends and tools will be one of the topics I will be investigating. Stay Tuned for updates from Austin.

Article Excerpt:

“The example comes from Charles Duhigg, who’s a reporter at The New York Times, and he’s the one who uncovered the story. What Target was doing was they were trying to find out what customers were likely to be pregnant or not. So what they were able to do was to look at all the different things that couples were buying prior to the pregnancy — such as vitamins at one point, unscented lotion at another point, lots of hand towels at another point — and with that, make a prediction, score the likelihood that this person was pregnant, so that they could then send coupons to the people involved… there might be a coupon for a stroller or for diapers …