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Keynotes and Breakout Sessions on:

Social Media, Mobile Apps, Websites, Sales, Marketing & More

Social Media 2.0, Author J.R. Atkins, social media ROIAs a speaker, J.R. is noted for “taking the mystery out of technology” and speaking in terms that “even a CEO can understand.” He is best known for working with Company Leaders, Sales Professionals and Marketing Managers on how Social Media and Mobile Apps can make a positive impact on their organization. J.R. began his research into Mobile Apps in January of 2010 and has uncovered several trends that are affecting business today such as “Every organization will have a mobile app or they will be out of business.” J.R. has over 25 years of marketing experience with small, medium and large organizations

As a marketing consultant, J.R. began his research into social Media in 2008 and gave his first talk on LinkedIn in October of 2008 at the Richardson Chamber of Commerce.  Since then, he has provided over 5oo talks on such topics as social media, online marketing, email marketing, websites, social media and project management, social media and ministry,  selling for non-sales people and more (see below).

In January of 2010, J.R. began researching and speaking on Mobile Apps and has uncovered several trends that are affecting business today such as “Every organization will have a mobile app or they will be out of business.” J.R. has over 25 years of marketing experience with small, medium and large organizations

As a consultant, J.R. works with business leaders to understand the shift in selling that is occurring as more consumers and business turn to the internet for information before engaging in the sales process. How has selling changed? How do the metrics for sales need to change? Using inbound and outbound marketing, J.R. can help you implement plans to increase results in this new sales environment.
Mobile Road Map to success by J.R. AtkinsSpeaking about social media is a passion of J.R’s. He has been called a Social Media Evangelist because when he speaks, it is like he is on a mission to help business leaders learn and use social media.  Please check out the resource section of this website for written, audio and video samples.

In his first book, Success Simplified, with Dr. Stephen Covey, Dr. Tony Alessandra and Patricia Fripp J.R. wrote about how organizations can use Social Media to communicate with prospective customers, current clients and employees. J.R. has recently republished his portion of the book under the title Social Media 2.0. His most recent book, Mobile Road Map to Success, J.R. writes about Mobile App Development for individuals, small companies and large enterprises. (Clik to see all of J.R’s book.)

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Topics for Workshops & Speaking Events

  1. “The Big 5 +1 of Social Media”J.R. Atkins Speaker, Strategist, Sales 2.0 Consultant
  2. Selling for Non-Sales People
  3. Boosting Your Career Search with Social Media
  4. Mobile Apps; the Next big Wave for your Business
  5. Marketing in a Digital Age
  6. LinkedIn Basics & Advanced
  7. Executive Briefing on Social Media
  8. Facebook for Business
  9. Twitter
  10. Social Media Policy
  11. Social Media & Legal Issues
  12. Building a Social Media Marketing Plan
  13. ROI on Social Media
  14. Sales 2.0
  15. Using Social Media inside your Company
  16. Internal vs. External use of Social Media Networks
  17. Teach your employees to use Social Media for the good of the Company
  18. Setting up private Social Media platforms
  19. Web Generated Call Tracking
  20. Social Media Analytics
  21. Video for Your Business
  22. Social Media and Ministry
  23. Membership in the current Age
  24. International Marketing
  25. Marketing in the US for Foreign Based Companies

To book J.R. for a speaking event, please call 214-707-1705 or email jratkins(@)SomethingDifferentCompanies.com

Partial List of Speaking Engagements

  1. Author J.R. Atkins has spoke at Mays Business SchoolTexas A&M University Marketing Class
  2. University of Texas at Dallas Marketing Class
  3. SMU Meadows School of the Arts PR Class
  4. Texas State Marketing Class
  5. University of North Texas Marketing Classes
  6. Dallas County Community College District
  7. Collin College
  8. American Marketing Association, DFW Chapter
  9. Express Employment Professionals
  10. Metroplex Technology Business Council
  11. Richardson Chamber
  12. Mesquite Chamber
  13. Lake Cities Chamber
  14. Grapevine Chamber
  15. Irving Chamber
  16. J.R> Atkins has presented to the USMC Advertising groupArlington Chamber
  17. Healthcare Art Consulting
  18. Globe Runner SEO
  19. Career Connection
  20. Ft Worth Career Network
  21. Delta Service Corp.
  22. NextCorp Ltd.
  23. Grace Outreach Career Network
  24. MAGC Ft Worth
  25. Competitive Intelligence Society
  26. InvestIN Forum
  27. Career Solutions
  28. DFW Financial Professionals
  29. Summit Networking Group
  30. Texas Recruiters NetworkJ.R. Atkins has spoken at SCORE
  31. United States Marine Corps Advertising
  32. Mt Hebron Missionary Baptist Church
  33. Prestonwood Rotary
  34. Frisco Sunrise Rotary
  35. Dallas SCORE
  36. Lewisville Chamber
  37. Frisco Chamber
  38. Southwest Car Wash AssociationJ.R. Atkins spoke at the Governor's small biz forum
  39. Copper Mobile
  40. Perspectives Radio Program
  41. DFW Social Media Rocks
  42. The Governors N TX Small Business Forum
  43. DFW Project Managers Institute
  44. University of Phoenix
  45. Lost Oak Winery
  46. Cedar Hill Rotary Club
  47. Career Jump Start
  48. Dallas Harvard Alumni Association
  49. New York Life
  50. DFW World Affairs Council

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