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Providing Strategy on Social Media, Mobile Apps, Marketing & More

The strategy work I do relates to Social Media, Mobile Apps, Marketing and More. 

One of my favorite strategy topics is Social Media. What is Social Media Strategy?

Social Media Strategy consist of the application of social media tools, platforms and networks; in a way that is consistent with an organizations overall marketing and communication plan; using methods that generate results – J.R. Atkins August 2010 

How does this relate to determining an ROI on Social Media activates?

Take a look at the Social Media ROI Model below. You can see that once you get some social media platforms in place, you develop a strategy then measure the results against this strategy.

Getting to an ROI with Social Media by J.R. Atkins

Other Discussion Topics:

  • Overall Marketing Plan
  • Sales Staff Training on social Media and Selling
  • Website effectiveness, SEO, & Inbound Marketing
  • Additional Metrics for Selling with social Media
  • The Sales Process

Consulting Projects are priced in the following methods:

$200 – Per Hour, Plus expenses (non-speaking engagements)

Please contact us regarding fees for specific engagements.

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