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In addition to consulting on Social Media, Mobile Apps and Marketing, one of my favorite topics is Sales 2.0.

What is Sales 2.0? Exploring the Shift in Sales when More On-line Resources are Available

  • Sales 2.0 means integrating the power of Web 2.0 and on-demand technologies with proven sales techniques to increase sales velocity and volume.

  • Sales 2.0 merges sales and marketing into a seamless effort to target buyers more effectively.

  • Sales 2.0 offers a more streamlined processes, using technologies,  to carry out smarter approaches to prospects.

  • Sales 2.0 means most of the information a buy need to make a decision can be found online without interacting with you, including sources such as

    • On line ReviewsSales 2.0 by Anneke Seley & Brent Holloway

    • Blogs

    • Webinars

    • Videos

    • Testimonials

    • Social Media

    • Website Content

If you get Sales 2.0, consider Sales 3.0

My friend and colleague Brock Butler is a student and teacher of sales, marketing and technology. He is often called “The Digital Sales Doctor.Brock’s specialty is in the science of merging the subjects of Sales, Marketing and Technology into an actionable practice called “Sales 3.0”.

Consulting Projects are priced in the following methods:

$200 – Per Hour, Plus expenses (non-speaking engagements)

Please contact us regarding fees for specific engagements.

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