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Social Media Speaking

Complementary Workshops

“Get 20 people together and I’ll speak for free” is an offer I make in order to help people get an idea of what Social Media is about and how it can help their non-profit organization.

Dallas Social Media Speaker J.R. AtkinsExamples of sponsoring organizations:

Chambers of Commerce
Service Clubs
Networking Groups

Paid Consulting/Workshops

Paid consulting and workshops are usually done for a company or non-profit, are closed to the public and include a customized program.

Please contact us regarding fees for speaking engagements.

Social Media Strategy

A Social Media strategy consists of an overall vision of how Social Media might fit into the culture of your organization as well as the existing marketing plan. We will look at any and all Social media tools that can help your business but we usually start with The Big 5 of Social Media:


Sales 2.0 Consulting

How has Web 2.0 changed your sales organization?

If you are using in-bound marketing to drive prospects to your website to become leads, have you changed the way you sell? Many companies have not changed their sales metrics, retrained their staff or adjusted the sales/marketing staff ration. These are some of the issues I address when consulting on Sales 2.0 with companies