Partners offer verity, scale, and specialty services

With the help of partner companies, our clients can receive a wide range of solutions, yet coordinated and held accountable by your Something Different Companies personnel.

J.R. Atkins can help with your mobile app development

Mobile Application Development

Just when you thought you figured out Social Media now you need an App for your business. Something Different Companies has relationships with several development companies that range in price from the part-time developer to the top tier award winning development companies.

Marketing Resources

J.R. Atkins is listed on Creatives in DFW

Creatives in DFW: One source for contract help from Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Public Relations Professionals, Marketing Professionals and more.

PublicistJ.R. Atkins Recommends Diane Feffer

Diane Feffer – Publicist: Project management of new book releases which includes pitching the author as a speaker to those groups who have an interest or tie to the book’s theme or cause


Jeff Shaw Photography:Industrial Strength Photography, Executive Portraits, Small Business Photography, Night Portraits

Video Production

$299 Business Videos from VidMill Simple & Effectivebasic business videos

DigitalGate Communication: Video Production: Inform, Innovate, Evolve

Social Media Analytics

Once you have your Social Media platforms in place, how do you track the effectiveness or ROI? There a tools that will help you track Social Media activity by source, monitor brands, determine positive or negative sentiment, publish content across multiple channels and help with disaster communication. Here are three options.

Large: MutualMind,

Medium: Raven,

Small to Medium: The Unilyzer, , YouTube Video