Resources to be more effective

The Resource Area consists of:

  1. Articles on social Media, Sales, Marketing, IT and anything else that will help a company be more effective. Some organizations call these position papers, white papers or opinion papers.
  2. Partners list select companies we partner with to deliver a wide range of solutions to increase the scale of a project, to offer unique services and to provide a coordinated solution for accountability.
  3. Podcast consist of audio comments and programs that can be played on your computer or down loaded as an audio file for listing in your car or anywhere.
  4. Videos consist of a few short comments or lessons that can either seen on YouTube or purchased from Something Different Companies or one of our Partners.
  5. Testimonials from customers who offered their praises about the results achieved from J.R. Atkins and Something Different Companies.
  6. Pictures from meetings, events and more.
  7. Reading List -A list of great books on Social Media, Technology, Management & Leadershipto help a business leader grow.


Social Media Book Resources

Books about Social Media

Sales 2.0 Book Resources

Books about Sales 2.0 Principles


Free Microsoft Software for Tech Start-Ups

Free Microsoft Software for Tech Start Ups

As a Microsoft BizSpark Partner, we can help Technology Start Up Companies received Free Microsoft software as well as help them with Sales & Marketing.