Sales Training

Inspirational Talks for Sales Departments

Does your sales staff meet on a regular basis? Explore how Social Media and Sales 2.0 can increase results for your team.

I offer short, 25 minute talks designed to energize your sales team and get them thinking about new ways to win business. There is no cost for these inspirational talks.

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Social Media Training for Sales Departments

Something Different Companies provides sales training for sales people on The big 5 of Social Media as a way to inform as well as implement Social Media for Sales People. These workshops can be designed especially for your desired outcomes and usually come in one of the following formats.

Entrepreneur Alex Muse & J.R. Atkins at speaking event

$200 – Per Hour, Plus expenses (non-speaking engagements)

Please contact us regarding fees for specific engagements.

Selling for Non-Sales People

If you are not a trained sales person, what do you need to know to make sales for your company or organization? How do you sell your ideas?

I work with business owners, developers, and sole proprietors to help them increase sales without hiring a sales person or in addition to their sales staff.

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Testimonial for Sales Training

We asked J.R. Atkins to do a Social Media session involving Linkedin for our company consisting of our COO, Sales Team and Recruiting at Delta Corporate Services. We had a video conference set up between our Richardson Texas Technical Center and our Corporate Office in N J.

J.R. is extremely knowledgable regarding social media; has offered us some great ideas on the use of Linkedin, and inspired us to utlize Social Networking more than we thought was important. It has since been extremely productive for us.

I would highly recommend J.R. for anyone who is interested in Social Networking; he is fabulous and will not hesitate to answer any question you may have. Thank You, J.R. Tom Kulpa Managing Director- Business Strategy Group Delta Corporate Services. June 24, 2009, Tom Kulpa, Delta Corporate Services