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Mobile Road Map to Success – $9.99  at Amazon

Mobile Road Map to success by J.R. AtkinsWe here and see “Mobile Apps” on the street, in our office, in our home, on TV … there seems to be an App for everything. What about Mobile Apps for your Business? In this talk, we will explore some of the new tools to help run your business more efficiently and effectively. Here are a few specific points:

  1. Why the hype, where is the value?
  2. How is my understanding the role of Mobile Apps going to help my business?
  3. Where might I use Apps: CRM, Accounting, Customer Service, Human Resources?
  4. Where do I get these Apps and how much do they cost?
  5. App Samples and examples

Your Author, J.R. Atkins, will inform, entertain and inspire you to grow and use technology to further your business and organizational goals.

Social Media 2.0 – $4.99 at Amazon

Social Media 2.0, Author J.R. Atkins, social media ROISocial Media is becoming an accepted way for businesses to communicate with both existing and prospective customers. Yet, there is also much confusion about how to make the most of Social Media tools.

In Social Media 2.0, J.R. explores “The Big 5 of Social Media” which are; LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blogging and Video and discusses the “why” and the “how” to put these tools to use. By using social media in your business strategy and integrating it with your current marketing, you can generate results and drive a solid return on investment.

Success Simplified  $9.99 at Amazon

Released in March of 2012, the book Success Simplified with Steven Covey, J.R. Atkins, Dr Tony Alessandra and Patricia Fripp shares Simple Solutions that generate measurable results. J.R.’s section covers “Social Media 2.0”, how business can use “The Big 5 of Social Media” to communicate with prospective customers, current clients and employees.

Author, Speaker, Consultant J.R. Atkins writes with Dr Steven R Covey.

The Big 5 of Social Media are:

      • LinkedIn
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Blogging
      • Video