Products for Social Media, Sales 2.0 and more

This page provides information on pre-packaged programs as well as Books, CDs and DVDs.

Books, CDs & DVDsSuccess Simplified by Steven Covey, J.R. Atkins, Tony Alessandra & Patricia Fripp

Released in March of 2012, the book Success Simplified with Dr. Stephen Covey, J.R. Atkins MBA, Dr. Tony Alessandra and Patricia Fripp shares “simple solutions that generate measurable results.”

J.R.’s section covers “Social Media 2.0”, how business can use Social Media to communicate with perspective customers, current clients and employees. The section covers “The Big 5 of Social Media”:

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blogging & Video.

We also offer a CD and DVD version of The Big 5 of Social Media recorded in front of a live audience.

Corporate Workshops

Companies find it beneficial to have an outsider deliver an educational workshop on Social Media to help them get everyone on the same page.

Association Programs

Are you looking for a speaker for your next Association meeting? Select from one of my existing topics and we can tailor it to your audience or I’ll develop the program specifically for your group.

Agency Workshops

Something Different Companies provides educational Programs for Agency Staff and their Clients on the benefits of Social Media. The Agency usually ends up with a list of projects to deliver following this client workshop.

Sales Training

Social Media is affecting all facets of communication and selling is no exception. Something Different Companies can deliver sales training in Social Media, Sales 2.0 and more.

Social Media and Ministry

Social Media is above all and very simply a communication tool. So why not use these new media tools to communicate effectively in Ministry?