New look to Pinterest Profile Page

New look to Pinterest Profile Page

Are you using Pinterest yet? If not, now might be a good time to start.

Social Media Consultant J.R> Atkins discusses the new Pinterest Profile

As covered in The Next Web Apps:

 Pinterest has rolled out its first significant makeover since gaining popular attention in a move that sees it streamline the look of profile pages on the service.

The redesign had been anticipated for some time, with a number of media outlets including CNN speculating over possible changes — and the site has now rolled a more streamlined look. Elements previously position on the side of the page have been moved to the top to give photos and content greater prominence.

With Facebook continuing its rollout of Timeline and Twitter having revamped its service — albeit to mixed reviews — Pinterest is doing its own rearranging to help users connect with each other and content more freely.

Indeed, the new layout bears more than just a passing resemblance to Facebook’s new profile pages, as you can see from a screenshot of The Next Web’s Pinterest page.


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April 3, 2012 at 2:43 am

I do not like the new pinterest board page. First of all now that the personal information is located at the top of the page I have to immediately scroll down to view more of the boards. Secondly, with the larger photo on the boards it is taking longer to download the boards. Thirdly, with the other board setup I was able to view 16? pins in one board, thus drawing my interest, Now I can only see one big one and maybe 3 or 4 small ones (barely making out what they are).
I think the new revisions are a negative and I have not been on Pinterest viewing the change. It is too difficult for me to make out what is there and I don’t have the time to open each and every Board to see if there is something I want to view.
In the past I spent probably two hours a day on Pinterest, since the change, i have spent maybe 2 minutes. Sorry, but you lost a viewer with this new change.

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