Mobile Monetization Growing Rapidly

Mobile Monetization Growing Rapidly

As I am often in discussions about Mobile App Development, the question of how to monetize an App is frequent and opinions vary. So when I saw the Blog “MBA Mondays: Revenue Models – Advertising” I thought it worth sharing with my community. It is written by Fred Wilson a VC and principal of Union Square Ventures.  I have included an excerpt below and a link to the original article.

It is true that the vast majority of consumer web apps have been and continue to be monetized with advertising. On mobile that is less true, but becoming more true every day.

Mobile Monetization Growing Rapidly

There are all sorts of ways to generate advertising revenue online. Here are the entries under the advertising category in our revenue model hackpad:

Web & Mobile Revenue Models

This list is most certainly not exhaustive but it does cover the most common advertising approaches and you can see how many there are on the Internet. There has been a lot of innovation in this sector in the past 18 years since the first banner ads were created and sold.

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