Marketing to Dippers, Divers & Skimmers

Marketing to Dippers, Divers & Skimmers

I heard the terms Dippers, Divers & Skimmers as a way to explain how different people consume content and thought it was worthy of discussion. Here is a quote that explains, for the full article go to

“…skimmers (engaging only briefly), dippers (engaging casually, in undemanding ways, e.g. by posting on blogs and comment threads), and divers (hardcore fans exploring the full story experience) – and these types also influence and engage one another: divers attract dippers, dippers attract skimmers. Skimmers deal mainly with easily accessible, non-complex elements, divers with the more complex elements that also require significant marketing investment.”

Dallas Social Media speaker J.R. Atkins recalls how to wrtie using the inverted pyramid styleSo as we write content for Social Media, Blogs, Print, Web … we need to keep these three types of readersin mind. By the way, this is very similar to the way I was taught to write in Journalism and we called it the inverted pyramid model.

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January 14, 2012 at 11:53 am

woot, thank you! I’ve finally came across a website where the owner knows what they’re talking about. You know how many results are in Google when I check.. too many! It’s so annoying having to go from page after page after page, wasting my day away with tons of owners just copying eachother’s articles… ugh. Anyway, thankyou for the information anyway, much appreciated.

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