Marketing Automation Strategy

Marketing Automation Strategy

How to Develop a Successful Marketing Automation Strategy?

Marketing your products is one of the most important parts of your business. To market a product or a business, the marketing team must have excellent project management skills. The ability to manage a project lets you understand the importance and scope of the project.

Nowadays most organizations focus on automation strategies to boost their sales. In this technological era, it is vital to make your mark on the internet and you probably know why.

Automating your entire marketing strategy is a hefty task. But with the right tools and proper implementation, it is possible to achieve higher results with ease.

Read this blog to know further about developing a successful marketing automation strategy.

What is Marketing automation?

First, we have to understand what marketing automation is. Marketing automation is the use of software and internet service to automate your marketing process.

Most marketing and sales departments utilize this tool to up their ROI and maximize efficiency. Using a successful automation strategy lets employees handle other issues in the available time.

Marketing automation handles the sending of messages across various platforms automatically as scheduled. A successful marketing automation tool doesn’t need much human intervention.

What does marketing automation do?

Using a marketing automation tool allows you to:

  1. Boost the efficiency of your work:

When compared to manual work, automation increases efficiency.

  1. Automate repetitive tasks:

Automation of daily tasks means that you no longer have to send emails individually. You no longer have to spend time posting on social media. The automation tool does everything for you.

  1. Start a new process at any time:

If it was manual work, it would have required a lot of complicated tasks and decisions. But using software lets you alter your strategy at any time without much work. On the plus side, it requires much less time to set up a new marketing campaign.

  1. Simplify time-consuming tasks:

The automation tool identifies and designs the right content for your audience. This doesn’t need any human intervention.

  1. Optimize your website:

The tool lets you test your website to find the components that produce the best results.

  1. Manage your social media:

Believe it or not, even a social media post requires timely execution. The tool uses the best combination of keywords and hashtags for promotion.

  1. Send text messages:

The software sends automated messages based on customer behavior. For example, timely messages by accessing the customer’s geographical proximity to a retail store.

The marketing automation software does all these works. Communication in project management is one of the most important aspects. An automation tool is also helpful in creating a powerful communication channel with your customer.

Developing a marketing automation strategy

A powerful and thoughtful strategy results in the best marketing automation results. Statistics show that for 64% of professionals with great project management skills, creating a successful strategy is the top priority.

So let us take a look at how to develop a successful and powerful marketing automation strategy.

  1. Planning a buyer’s journey

Before making a buy, a potential customer goes through various stages of the buyer’s journey. We must make efficient plans to use automation at various stages of the sales funnel.

Before making use of automation at a certain stage in the sales funnel, ask yourself these questions:

    1. How marketing automation tools can help you educate and interest new leads?
    2. How marketing automation tools can help your potential customers in decision-making?
    3. How marketing automation tools can help you engage, maintain, and improve the loyalty of your existing customers?

Finding the answer to these questions will help in finding where you can effectively use automation.

Planning the buyer’s journey also includes the use of automated messages and emails. The automation tool sends these messages when the customer takes specific actions.

For example, when a customer signs up for a demo on your website, you can trigger the customer by sending an automated email. This email may contain promotional offers that move the customer up towards purchasing the product.

  1. Chalk out your goals

After you complete structuring your buyer’s journey you must start to plan your goals. For this purpose, you must use a project management skill called ‘SMART’. That means you need to set up specific tasks to achieve your goal within the time limitations.

SMART expands as Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Following the SMART strategy helps realize your goal by optimizing the actions involved. Using marketing automation software lets you change your strategy according to the results at any point. This is impossible in a manual marketing strategy since it will involve complex, time-consuming tasks.

  1. Optimize your results

A marketing automation strategy is capable of many things a manual marketing strategy lacks. One such is the alteration of your strategy mid-way to improve results. The automation software provides customer statistics to help you in the process. Creating dynamic content i.e., providing custom content for all your customers is a proven tactic to optimize your results. The following are the ways to optimize your campaigns:

a). Access the performance of marketing automation tools:

Monitoring your automation technique at regular intervals helps you achieve better results. You can improve your strategy implementation by checking your automation tool.

b). Ignoring unwanted stats:

Analyze the real metrics that grow your business. Always place importance on the statistics related to conversion rates, the number of leads, and acquisition costs. Never optimize your strategy only based on the likes and comments you receive on social media.

c). Collecting customer feedbacks:

Feedbacks serve as one of the important methods of communication between you and the customer. So always be sure to read those reviews.

This helps you identify the expectations and also what the customer actually thinks of the product. A marketing automation tool lets you collect and organize this feedback to provide useful insights.

  1. Nurturing your leads

Careful development of your leads(potential customers) is one of the primary goals of your automation software.  Create a lead nurturing program that suits each of your customers. The way you automate the lead nurturing program defines your success. Extensive evaluation of the leads lets you create a more successful lead nurturing program.

These four main steps will let you develop a successful marketing automation strategy.


The success of a project doesn’t depend only on efficient project management skills. It also highly depends on its marketing strategy. Almost all businesses use automated marketing strategies to increase ROI without spending a lot of resources.

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Guest Blogger: Sara Williams


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