Is SEO the basis of the Ad Agency of the Future?

Is SEO the basis of the Ad Agency of the Future?

As I observe the changing landscape of advertising and see the effect that social media and on-line / digital media is having on Ad budgets and campaigns, I have to ask; Is Search Engine Optimization the basis for the Ad Agency of the future? In short, yes!

Dallas Social Media Speaker J.R. Atkins is a fan of the TV Show Mad Men on AMCThe television show, Mad Men, does a great job of portraying the historical model of the Ad agency. The agency creative people pitch an idea to the client and when the client buys it, the agency places ad content on TV, radio, outdoor space and print media. Yet, with SEO, if you follow this path you may find the cost to place your message on-line and getting a “high Google ranking” is beyond your budget.

The successful agency of the future will begin with a review of the digital landscape, a competitive analysis of key words that can be optimized and build a campaign. Once the digital or on-line “Ad Buy” has been considered, then the agency will look at traditional media buys that coordinate with the on-line media.

For a good example of SEO done wrong and how to do SEO the right way, read the article from the Search Engine Journal, “JC Penny’s Black Hat SEO Backfires.” In summary:

“The short-term benefits of black hat SEO do not make any sense to the longevity of a business.  It is better to focus your attention on developing real links from reputable websites and communities mostly using Content Marketing with articles, news releases, documents (e.g. PowerPoint), Videos, and Social Media.  Aside from the obvious benefits of Content Marketing being a credible linking strategy, the benefits for brand reputation, brand credibility and brand awareness include:

  • Dallas Social Media speaker J.R. Atkins warns against Black Hat SEOTraffic from Search Engines
  • Traffic from Non-Search Engines
  • Owning more search results using 3rd Party website where your content is distributed

Linking strategies are labor intensive and take time.  This process also requires four types of linking that include:

  • Direct Linking to website home page
  • Direct Linking using targeted keywords
  • Cross Linking distributed content
  • Deep Linking inside of your web pages”

When an organization combines digital / on-line media with traditional media they get a campaign that produces immediate results. So, the next time you embark on a marketing campaign for your organization, consider the role SEO will play in the advertising mix. Ask your agency if SEO is the basis of their work or just something they have added to the mix because of customer demand. The way your advisors and vendors think about SEO will shape not only your campaign but your company and profits.

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