How will Video Chat on the iPhone impact you?

How will Video Chat on the iPhone impact you?

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The fourth generation iPhone due in June will allow users to conduct video chat sessions, according to the ace rumormongers at Engadget. Hit movie producer Sam Mendes (American Beauty) is said to be filming video commercials in which a mother and daughter talk to each other on their iPhone screens.

Appleís rollout will be a test of whether people will or wonít use a videophone they can carry with them. In the past, tests of videophone tech have repeatedly found that people just werenít hot about video calls as opposed to voice-only conversations.

No doubt Appleís ad will depict a touching moment of people responding to each otherís faces onscreen. In reality, itís impossible to make direct eye-to-eye contact because the cameras are offset, rather than being behind both callersí pupils.

Video chat seems to be, for most people, a feature that sounds great but goes unused. On the other hand, the user-facing camera will make it super-easy for iPhone toters to take photos of themselves without needing to stand in front of a mirror. Thatís the real killer app.

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