How one Project Manager is Adapting to Digital Methods

How one Project Manager is Adapting to Digital Methods

During a recent presentation to the Houston Chapter of the Project Management Institute I had a chance to visit with several PM’s on how they see social media and digital technology influencing their roles and outcomes of projects. Of particular interest was sharing content, on line collaboration and building and sustaining distributed teams.

Although some PM’s have to use tools provided by their company, some are looking at the newly developed Apps, Websites and Social Media Platforms to facilitate communication. Briana Egan, a contract PM based in Houston, uses many new tools on projects such as Join Me, Ever Note, One Note, YouTube, Video Jug and Live Scribe.

Briana uses Join Me to share her laptop screen, much like WebEx or Go To Meeting, with others on conference calls. To store project related documents she uses Ever Note or One Note (for Microsoft oriented projects). Although YouTube is everywhere in the US, this is not the case with international projects where the licenses can vary. For this reason, Briana also uses Video Jug for short project videos.

Author J.R. Atkins and PM Briana Egan like the Live Scribe sky penYet, Briana’s favorite tool is Live Scribe. It allows her to take notes along with an audio recording. The tool will also convert her hand writing into text. When a meeting closes, Briana sends out the meeting notes, along with the audio file, for others to read and comment.

One of the biggest deliverables of social media like Facebook, Yammer or LinkedIn is to provide a since of belonging to distributed teams. When you work next to someone on you team, it’s easy to meet for coffee, talk about your weekend plans and get to know one another in a more personal way. Yet, if your office is across the building, city, country or world, then it is harder to get to know others. Social Media can bridge this gap. The better we know someone, we hope the better we can get along and produce better project results.

If you are looking to learn more about Project Management best practices such as:

  • Agile and Six Sigma Project Management
  • Professional Development
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  • Industry (Construction/Energy/Healthcare/Space/Etc.)
  • Technology Tools

Look for the PMI Conference & Expo in your area. The Houston Conference is scheduled for June 3 – 5, 2013 at the Hyatt Regency Downtown.

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