Getting Work in the Field of Social Media

Getting Work in the Field of Social Media

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By J.R. Atkins, Social Media Consultant

Do you know anyone who actually gets paid to update Facebook, Twitter and write a blog? That is what Mindy Smith does for David Hira, a professional speaker and magic entertainer. And, guess how she got this fun job…that’s right, on Facebook.  So if you are looking for a job or needing help with your Social Media strategy, read on to find out how you can do what David and Mindy did.

From College to a “real job”

Like many recent college graduates, Mindy continued to work at her college job waiting tables when she finished her degree in Sports Marketing from Texas Wesleyan University in Ft Worth, TX.

In her spare time, Mindy would look for a “real job” on sites like; Monster, Career Builder and Yahoo jobs. She would also go to company sites to submit her resume even, if they were not looking to hire. Most of her searching was on line but she did place a few phone calls to local businesses as well. Then came the posting on Facebook…

David Hira and her dad were in a Magic Club together and she was connected to him on Facebook. One day David commented that “he was so busy he needed a second assistant.” Mindy wrote back with an email, “I don’t know if you are serious but, I graduated and, here is my resume, I’m looking for something in the Marketing area, after looking at your web site, I think I could really help you.” David called to inquire, stating that he really needed an office asst. Mindy said she had some background in accounting and mentioned how she could use Social Media to market his business. Thus began their working relationship.

Mindy finds a job

David Hira is a well accomplished corporate motivational speaker who uses magic in his presentations to entertain and make an impact.

In his earlier career, David served as a top executive with a well known electronics company for 26 years, before opening and running his own restaurant. He also opened, ran and sold a day sp and a jewelry business. As a “serial entrepreneur” David brings relevant experience and entertainment to the corporate setting.

Even though David is in the “over 40 crowd” he has embraced social media as a communication tool and is using it every effectively himself. So when he hired Mindy, it was to add to what he was already doing, not to start something new. David’s business is derived from word of mouth and referrals so Social Media is a perfect medium to encourage new business and communicate with clients. When Mindy stared, David had a Facebook and Twitter account, but was mainly communicating with friends and fellow magicians. Mindy’s job is to help David move his Social Media usage form the “friends and family” mode into “Social Media Marketing” to grow his business and improve customer service.


Mindy is training David on how to use Social Media more effectively. She told him that his blog post do not have to be fantastic as much as genuine, from him (not her), in his words and represent his ideas. But he is not alone; she can help. As an example, when he is in a meeting, he makes a few notes on his iPhone and sends them to her to develop into an article for the blog, newsletter or both. This “back and forth” allows David to focus on the message and Mindy to focus on the tools. By the way, they use WordPress for the blogging tools.


David has a Facebook account for personal use and another one for business as many early Facebook adopters do. Yet, there is quite a bit of cross over between the two and he does much of updating on both of them. Check out, David Hira, Magician and Keynote Speaker. Mindy now helps David by suggest content and friends to help build his fan base.


Unlike some users of Twitter who follow any and everyone, David and Mindy are building a Twitter network of people who know David well and have heard him speak. When he gets a new follower she makes sure they respond and will see if they should follow the person back.

She also does a lot of searching and listening on Twitter and connecting with meeting and event planners.

To keep organized and on top of content, Mindy uses TweetDeck with the following columns: Motivational Speaker, Inspirational Speaker, Corporate Speaker, Direct Messages, and Mentions.  They keep Twitter fresh by posting David’s favorite quotes and “trash talking” with other magicians. This actually led to a “cook off” in Austin because of the boasting that occurred between David and friends.


Since David is an entertainer and keynote speaker, video is a wonderful medium for visitors to sample his work. “If you are a meeting planner, you can click on the ‘YouTube’ icon and see a quick video before contacting us about a booking” says Mindy.


Besides posting pictures on FaceBook, Mindy has added a Flickr account. She says “Flickr has grown as an accepted place to search for pictures of keynote speakers and entertainers. To be affective in marketing, you have to go where your customer is.”


You may not think of a printed news letter as being “social” media but the content ties in with the Blog post and updates on Facebook and Twitter. By referencing the electronic version of the newsletter on the company website, David and Mindy extend the usefulness of the newsletter into Social Media. Their newsletter formula for success consists of Feature Articles, Recipes from David and his wife’s kitchen, Business recommendations and business tips.

Where to go next

David and Mindy make good teams, blending the experience of a well know entertainer and speaker, with the enthusiasm and social media awareness of a recent college graduate. More business should do likewise: hire youth and match it with experience. It’s a winning combination.

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