Geo Tagging adds Events

Geo Tagging adds Events

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Gowall announced today that you can now add events to the “check in here” type function they offer like FourSquare. Here is the text:

Adding Events to Gowalla Apr 13. People and places are at the core of Gowalla. Today, we’re adding something pretty great that is a big part of people and places: Events! Now you can create a spot in Gowalla for the events in your life. It couldn’t be simpler.

•Grab your friends and Gowalla and head to wherever the fun is happening.

•Create a spot for the occasion.

 •Choose the category Events, then the type of event. Pick from Birthday Party, Concert, Meet Up, Watch Party (Lost, anyone?), Wedding, and more!

•Check in, add comments and post photos.

You and your friends will have a stamp in your passport to mark the event and a page that includes all of your comments and photos. Get enough people involved and your event might become a Hot Spot in your area. Plus, the spot will automatically expire 12 hours later. Don’t worry, you’ll still have the stamp and the page, it just won’t show up in Nearby Spots. Events are one more reason to go out with Gowalla. We’re excited to get this into your hands. Thanks for making Gowalla awesome!

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