Does your website say “We are easy to communicate with?”

Does your website say “We are easy to communicate with?”

So many website are all about the company and selling vs. communicating effectively. In a perfect world you, the consumer, would be able to choose the communication channel that works for you. For example: At the top of the site or on the side you might see:

“What method of communication do you prefer?”

Or put another way,

“What’s important to you?”

Check out the following website for an attorney firm that says “I’m here because…” What a great way to engage with the visitor or consumer. (I added the yellow circles)

 Dallas social media speaker J.R. Atkins talks about The Ashmore Law Firm website

Let me know what you have seen as good ways to start the conversation through a website.

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Claire Jones

June 21, 2017 at 10:53 am

This website doesn’t really do justice to quality of work one receives from this firm. One lawyer’s links to his AVVO page where he has 0 client reviews. He did managed to get his employees and his sister to say nice things about him. (Obligated to isn’t really the same as wanting to, now is it?) The best is another lawyer’s link to his horrible Martindale Hubbard peer review. Gotta wonder, really stupid or nice heads up?

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