Components of Google’s Ranking Algorithm

Components of Google’s Ranking Algorithm

Google has one of the most sought after “secret formulas” much like the coveted “Coke Syrup” but only more so.

Dallas Social Media Speaker J.R. Atkins comments on SEO blog

In a recent blog post on “The Daily SEO Blog” by randfish, a point is made for the increasing importance of “How You Describe Your Content” with key words. This is what I call “good valuable content.” When I talk about “The big 5 of Social Media” I say that the 3 keys to success on Social Media are

  1. Be Interesting
  2. Content is King (good valuable content)
  3. Give to Get.  


Please read the rest of the article fomrmore insight on SEO. But doesn’t it make since that if you offer a good valuable product or service, and thus proved good content about that product or service, then people will find you and Google will give you a high ranking? So is this really a secret or just good business?

I look forward to your comments.

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