Changes with LinkedIn Premium accounts

Changes with LinkedIn Premium accounts

Dallas Social Media Speaker J.R. Atkins address LinkedIn changesLinkedIn is shifting some functionality from their free accounts to paid accounts. Here is their announcement:

Message to LinkedIn Premium Members
Viewing full names for 3rd Degree & Group Connections

Dear Premium Member,

We wanted to let you know about a change that was recently made to the way names are displayed for certain profiles on LinkedIn.  As an existing Premium member this change doesn’t affect you, however we wanted to provide you with some information just in case you have any questions.

What has changed?
3rd Degree & Group connections found from keyword search (e.g., ‘sales director’) are now only displayed with first name only.  Previously, these profiles were displayed with full names for everyone to see.

How does this affect me?
It doesn’t.  Because you joined LinkedIn Premium prior to this change, you’ll continue to see full names for these profiles with your current Premium Account.

How long will I continue to see full names for these profiles?
You’ll see full names for these profiles for as long as your current Premium Account is active.  However, if you cancel your Premium Account this feature will no longer be available to you, as this is now only available with specific account types.  To get this ability back you’ll need to purchase an Executive, Talent Finder, or Pro account – which start at $99.95 per month.

We hope this information helps.  If you have any questions please let us know.

Thank you for subscribing to LinkedIn Premium.

The LinkedIn Team

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