Are you following, on Twitter, all of your LinkedIn connections?

Are you following, on Twitter, all of your LinkedIn connections?

Dallas Social Media J.R. Atkins uses TwitterSince LinkedIn and Twitter have an alliance or partnership, the two Social Media networks are well integrated. You might notice that many people on LinkedIn also have their Twitter user name listed on their profile. If you do not, go to LinkedIn, click on Profile, chose Edit Profile, and you will see “Twitter” between “Websites” and “Public Profile. Click on edit and add your Twitter user name. Also, if you have not personalized your “Public Profile” you can do that here as well.

Now that you have your twitter account connected to your LinkedIn account, open another window, go to Twitter and sign in. Go to “Settings”, click on “Find People”, click on “Find Friends”, and click on “LinkedIn”. This will automatically go to LinkedIn and find all of the shared connections between the two applications labeled “All connections on Twitter” and give you a number of connections, for example (132).

Dallas Social Media Speaker J.R. Atkins uses LinkedInYou will see who you are already following on Twitter as well as those who you are not following. Click on the “follow” button to the right of each person’s name to follow them on Twitter. You will need to go one by one, page by page, till you reach the end of the list. This makes for a good activity while watching TV.

Warning: Do not follow more than 999 new people per day or Twitter will lock down your account. If this ever happens to you go to Twitter Help, beg for forgiveness and wait a few days from them to reactivate your account.

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