A short cut in Mobile App Dev: PhoneGap

A short cut in Mobile App Dev: PhoneGap

Now developers can write their app once and deploy it to six major mobile platforms and app stores, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, WebOS, Bada and Symbian.

Dallas social media speaker J.R. Atkins talks about an App for every business with PhoneGapPhoneGap is an HTML5 platform that allows developers to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create native mobile applications. With the open source code receiving contributions from a dedicated community of developers, PhoneGap has increased in both stability and durability – which has played a large part in the project averaging approximately 40,000 downloads per month.

I’m not suggesting this is how all Apps should be developed. Yet, I am suggesting that HTML5 and similar tools are capable of creating App like functionality using “Mobile Web” sites and driving value for the user, the brand and the developer.

Every company, association, and non-profit will have a Mobile App delivery method in time. Some will have a customized app, some will get their app from a vendor or channel partner, and many will have a “Mobile Experience” delivered via PhoneGap and similar HTML5 tools.

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Reference Article: http://thenextweb.com/ca/2011/07/30/phonegap-is-a-swiss-army-knife-for-mobile-app-developers/

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