Is Google+ Ready for Recruiters?

Is Google+ Ready for Recruiters?

Join Denise Houseberg & J.R. Atkins as they discuss the Pros & Cons of Google+ for Recruiters at the DFW TRN Luncheon.

Dallas Social Media speaker J.R. Atkins to speak to DFW TRNThe DFW Texas Recruiters Network (DFWTRN) is a non-profit professional association formed for the purpose of sharing and networking with recruiters and human resource professionals.


Denise Houseberg has helped small companies expand and become more
profitable for the past 25 years. Denise now uses her flair for trying new
ideas, and her experience in helping small business clients stretch their
boundaries and grow in profitability.  |

J.R. Atkins is an author, Speaker and Consultant on Social Media and Mobile Apps. J.R. is noted for “taking the mystery out of Social Media” and speaking in terms that “even a CEO can understand.”