Irfan Ahmad on “How to Promote Your Blog Content to Get 1,000 Social Media Shares”

Irfan Ahmad on “How to Promote Your Blog Content to Get 1,000 Social Media Shares”

If you generate content to share, this Infographic will be interesting to you. Thank you Irfan for sharing.

Do you want to know how to promote your blog post so it’s shared over 1,000 times on various social media channels?

There are some tricks, tools and techie stuff you need to be aware of if you want to make that happen.  However, you have to have great quality content as a starting point; without this, you are wasting your time!

In the following infographic, we show you a whole range of tools and techniques that will help you achieve 1,000 shares and possibly even many multiples of this.

This infographic was designed by our friends in Canva.

J.R. Atkins suggest how to promote your blog

Good Blog post on Twitter, 5 Useful Tools by Daniel Sharkov

5 Useful Twitter Tools that Will Save You Lots of Time and Energy

Dallas social media consultant J.R. Atkins likes the work of Faniel SharkovBy Daniel Sharkov

Whoever says that success on Twitter (and social media success for that matter) is possible without the use of any additional apps and tools is either a newbie, a celebrity or someone, pretending to be the latter.

Unfortunately if you want to utilize the full potential of Twitter, you need some outside help.

If I have to be honest, building the following, getting the traffic and the retweets that I have now, would’ve been impossible without a couple of handy Twitter tools.

In the following article I will share what I consider to be the 5 best Twitter tools to help you save time, tweet better and get more followers:

1. Tweepi – Managing Your Followers
2. UberSocial – Helping You Stay in Touch on the Go
3. Buffer – Keeping a Steady Flow of Fresh Content
4. IFTT – Automating Part of Your Tweeting (And Much More)
5. Triberr – Multiplying Your Twitter Reach



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