“Facebook for Business” from Facebook

“Facebook for Business” from Facebook

We started with individual Facebook account, then came groups, then pages and now finally the recipe from Facebook for how to grow your business on Facebook.

Here are the 3 steps of “Facebook for Business”

Dallas social media speaker J.R. Atkins teaches how to use Facebook for Business1. Build a presence

  • Create your Fan Page
  • Link your Page to a Place for check-ins
  • Add a Facebook link or “Like” button to your website

2. Engage your community

  • Post regular updates
  • Build Relationships with timely responses
  • Listen to feedback and tweak your Page

3. Get the word out

Their final suggestion is to learn more by accessing their Best Practices Guide and Success Stories. Remember, this is where you begin. Give yourself some time to get your desired results.

Good luck and let me know what you think.