Does your Flickr account post to your Facebook account?

Does your Flickr account post to your Facebook account?

I received this notice today about my Flickr account:

Social Media Author J.R. Atkins suggest you check your Flickr settingsJust a quick reminder that you’ve just chosen to start sharing your Flickr uploads on your Facebook Timeline. New photos and videos will be sent to Facebook about 10 minutes after you upload them, as long as they are publicly viewable.

If this is what you want, no action is required. If you do not want your Flickr uploads to be shared on Facebook you can manage your settings over here.

You can always share any of your photos individually on your Facebook Timeline by using the Share menu.

The Flickreenos

Your use of Flickr is subject to the Yahoo! Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and the Flickr Community Guidelines


Check your settings today.

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