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Social Media Projects

Social Media projects vary from building social media platforms such as Facebook Pages to social media content writing and posting. Other projects consist of setting up and training someone how to use social media for their company or non-profit. In a third type of on going project we do every thing social for a monthly fee this might include social media writing, posting and monitoring, email marketing, and more. Our main goal is to deliver actionable results from on-line marketing.

Professional Speaking

Speaking about social media is a passion of mine. I have been called a Social Media Evangelist because I speak like I am on a mission to help business leaders make use of social media. This is true. I love to see the eyes light up when someone finally understands the positive impact social media can have on their lives. A typical speaking engagement might be a service club like Rotary International or a Chamber of Commerce. Or, could be an executive briefing with one or more members of a companies leadership team. My favorite types of talks are keynotes and break-out session at a conferences. If you are looking for a dynamic, engaging and informative speaker, you have found him in J.R. Atkins.


Your website is your most important on-line marketing tool. A website should give a visitor everything they need to make a decision to do business with your company. It’s the “sales person” that never sleeps, gets sick, or goes on vacation. When you mix human interaction with a good website, you have the winning combination for a success business. At Something Different Companies, we build a majority of our website sites on the WordPress Content Management System because it is easy to find help for this platform and easy to learn. We are glad to continue to keep your site updated and maintained. Yet, WordPress is so easy, many of our clients update and maintain their site themselves.

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